According to Portal of Public Costs , VAT-exlusive costs of  Zelensky’s travel to Vilnus, Lithuania, for a 4-days conference stood at almost 828 thousand hryvnas.

The air travel to Germany for talks with Angela Merkel cost Ukraine’s budget 803 thousand hryvnas.

Ukraine also shelled out 723 thousands to cover the expenses of Zelensky’s travel to Batumi, Georgia.

The mid-summer travel itenarary of Zelensky was packed with dometsic travels as well -to the tune of over million hryvnas.  Several air travel trips the president took in July cost  taxpayers in a range from 51 to 300 thousand hryvnas each.

The bills come from just three weeks – July 7-28.

It is worth noting that last year’s expanses on presidential travel stood at 22,2 million hryvnas.