In the wake of Pandora Papers revelations and plunging ratings,  Volodymyr Zelensky re-election is not a sure thing anymore, according to the new polling by ‘Razumkov’s Center’.

If the elections were held today,  Zelensky could count on  just 17% of all votes  and 26% of decided votes.

Zelensky is closely followed by the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko (9% and 14% respectively),  ‘Opposition Platform for Life ‘l Yuriy Boyko – 7% and 12%,  ‘Batkivhshchyna’ leader Yulia Tymoshenko – 7% and 10%, and former parliamen speaker Dmytro Razumkov – 6% and 9%.

Yevhen Muraev, Ihor Smeshko, Volodymyr Groysman, Anatoliy Hrytsenko, Oleh Lyashko, Serhii Prytula, Ruslan Koshulynsky and Vitali Klitschko would receive less than 5% votes each.

Compared to the end of July 2021, Zelensky’s electoral support is down by 2.5 points – from 19.5% to 17%.

Boyko’s electoral support has dropped almost twofold  – from 13% to 7%,  as ‘Opposition Platoform for Life’ leader is facing rivalry of Yevhen Muraev.

Poroshenko’s rating has also lost a few points – from 12% to 9% compared to January 2021.

The support level of other candidates has not changed significantly since the beginning of this year.


The same dynamics in voters’ preferences is observed in the numbers of support for Ukrainian parties.

If the election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine happened today, the ‘Servant of the People’ party would sill enjoy the greatest, yet far from sweeping, support of voters – 14% of all respondents or 22% of those who would take part in the election.

‘European Solidarity’ party figures would stand at 10% and 16% of votes respectively, ‘OPfL’ – 8% and 13%, and ‘Batkivshchyna’ – 7% and 11%.

‘Nashi’ party would get 4% and 6% of votes respectively, and ‘Syla i chest’ party – 4% and 6%, with other political parties getting less than 4%.

Compared to the end of July 2021, the support for the ‘Servant of the People’ has dropped by 3 points – from 17% to 14%.

The support for the ‘OPfL’ party has also dropped – from 14% to 8%,  as ‘Nashi’ party taking a bite out of its electorate’s share.


The poll was conducted October 14-20, 2021, surveying 2018 likely voters in all regions of Ukraine, except for Crimea and the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.