The Ukrainian president addressed a standoff between two countries answering questions at Yalta European Strategy forum that opened in Kyiv Friday.

When asked if there still is a possibility of full-scale war with Russia, Zelensky admitted he doesn’t rule out such scenario.

‘There sure is. I guess Russia took a step to it in 2014, and then, thanks God, thanks to Ukrainians – there was a step back. They got stopped. Though it was not about perils of Ukraine joining NATO and EU, it wasn’t that way. I don’t remember there were any perils in 2014 that Ukraine would join NATO.’

Zelensky though warned against such worst-case scenario arguing ‘it will be the biggest mistake of the Russian Federation, and there will be no neighborhood of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.’

In May Kyiv was on the brink of such confrontation after Ukrainian military intelligence reported Moscow was drawing its troops to its borders.