This information is available on the website of Verkhovna Rada.

According to this information the law №2195, which provides for selling the land by online auctions. The document signed by the President was passed back to the Parliament.

The law regulates the procedure of selling state land online. It is possible to submit documents and register for the auction from any point of the world. All the necessary information on the auction and items for the auction will be available in Internet.

The authors of the law are sure that the organizers of the auction will not be able to trespass upon the rights of the auction participants.

According to the document, the information about the participants of the auction will confidential until the auction ends. Not less than two persons may take part in the auction.

The auction will have three rounds (one bid in each round). Minimal bid increment is to be not less than 1% of the starting price. Security deposit needs to be 30% of the starting price.