The Zelensky legislative initiative that earlier got approval from the Ukrainian parliament on March 30, now allows assembly of military reservists for the time of the “special period” dropping the earlier official mobilization call stipulation. The ‘special period’ norm was enacted when the war in eastern Ukraine broke out.

“The document updates requirements for manning the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations with reservists (military-trained individuals with combat experience) in a ‘special period’ without announcing mobilization,” the president’s press service says.

The updates will allow “to supply the country’s defense forces with reserve manpower, increase their combat readiness in case of progressing military aggression, providing quick build-up of defense forces potential and timely response to the emergencies threatening national security.”

The law also introduces a new type of military service that assumes a reservists’ call-up for the ‘special period’ military service, assembling contracted and/or listed reservists.

A call-up order is to be made by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces on the submission of the Commander-in-Chief. Such call-up orders each will specifically define reserve troops’ categories, assignments, and call-up duration and terms.

The new law also aims to update the military register polices and restructure local military command and control bodies bringing in their place new military territorial centers .

Among other amendments there is a policy of toughter penalties for draft and special period call-up evasion.