Andriy Derkach

23 Aug, 2021 00:37
Zelensky adds Andriy Derkach and Russian media outlets to sanctions list

Among those blacklisted are Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach and leader of Donbas separartists Denys Pushylin.

7 May, 2021 11:22
Facebook responds to ‘Bukvy’ investigation, removes Ukraine-focused ‘bot farms’

Citing ‘Bukvy’ investigation, Facebook reports taking down the two networks of fake accounts and groups linked to Ukraine’s party ‘Servant of the People’, former prime minister Volodymyr Groysman, and two pro-Russian politicians sanctioned by the US administration.

30 Apr, 2021 12:11
Herman Halushchenko allegedly lobbied for Energy Minister by pro-Russian politician Andriy Derkach, media reports

Herman Halushchenko was reportedly lobbied for a Energy Minister position by Andriy Derkach earlier blacklisted by the US as “an active Russian agent for over a decade’.

29 Apr, 2021 20:20
Herman Herashchenko: a new ‘boss of Ukrainian energy sector

‘Energoatom’ vice-president Herman Halushchenko was first tipped as a future Energy Minister two weeks ago. Prior to his executive job, he worked as a head of Legal Services of the ...