anti-oligarchs law

13 Jan, 2022 13:47
Zelensky wants other countries to bring in ‘controls’ for Ukrainian oligarchs

State security council is ordered by Zelensky to work out coordinated efforts to rein in Ukrainian oligarchs.

26 Nov, 2021 14:21
Zelensky thinks he is under media attack because of ‘anti-oligarch’ law

President Zelensky believes that he is being attacked by the media because of the ‘anti-oligarch’ law.

26 Nov, 2021 12:21
Zelensky claims ‘de-oligarchization’ in Ukraine ‘just started’

On November 26, Volodymyr Zelensky held press marathon ‘30 questions to the President of Ukraine’ for domestic and international media.

8 Nov, 2021 20:47
Poroshenko sells his media assets to ‘Vilni media’ holding

The former president Petro Poroshenko sells his media assets complaining over pressure from Zelensky administration.

5 Nov, 2021 16:20
Volodymyr Zelensky signs ‘anti-oligarchs’ law

The controversial policy promoted as an effort to rein in Ukrainian oligarchs got mixed responses and is set to be reviewed by the Venice Commission.

18 Oct, 2021 09:00
Ukraine will submit ‘anti-oligarchs’ law to Venice Commission for expertise, says Zelensky

The Ukrainian president calls out the former paliament speaker over 'petty and erronous' opposition to his 'anti-oligarchs' law, but promises Venice Commission will review its legitimacy.

4 Oct, 2021 18:11
Servant of the Party parliamentary group to expel  rebel MP over vote on Zelensky’s policy

‘Servant of the People’ leaders are pushing to boot  Lyudmilya Buymister from their parliamentary group after she failed to vote along the party lines.