27 Apr, 2023 14:40
Zhytomyr region council bans Orthodox Church of Moscow patriarchate

On April 27, the members of the Zhytomyr Regional Council decided to ban the activities of the Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate in the territory of the region, Ukrinform repo ...

9 Jan, 2023 13:06
Ukraine bans ultra-thin plastic bags

On January 1, a ban on the ultra-thin plastic bags, which were used in retail trade and catering establishments, came into effect in Ukraine. The ban does not apply to biodegradabl ...

20 Jun, 2022 12:55
Ukrainian court bans ‘Opposition platform – for life’ pro-Russian party

The Administrative Court of Appeal in Lviv has banned pro-Russian political party ‘Opposition platform – for life’. The court verdict came as a response to the appeal of Ukraine’s ...

16 Dec, 2021 23:50
Vape no more, Ukraine’s parliament passes a tough e-cigarette policy  

The ban covers youth-friendly flavorings and outlaws vaping in public spaces.

18 Aug, 2021 22:07
Security Council instructs government to ban medicines ads

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to impose a temporary moratorium on advertising medications.