2 Jun, 2023 11:59
Belarusian KGB agent detained in Rivne region

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed the agent of the Belarus special service in Rivne region. According to the SBU, the detainee is a citizen of Belarus who has a permanent res ...

22 Nov, 2022 12:51
Authorities fail to explain train cars from Belarus in Ukraine’s territory

Last week, ‘Bukvy’ reporter noticed train freight cars from Belarus in Zhytomyr region. As it was reported by the Ukrainian authorities, the railway connection with Belarus was sto ...

25 Jun, 2022 12:19
Massive overnight missile strike all over Ukraine

On Saturday night, Russian invaders launched dozens of missiles targeting almost the whole territory of Ukraine. The air raid alarms woke Ukrainians up at about 3 am. In Zhytomyr r ...

11 Mar, 2022 16:31
Russia stages provocation at Ukraine-Belarus border

Russian military planes have staged an assault on Belarus from Ukraine’s airspace, said Iryna Heraschenko in her statement of Facebook, citing the sources in Ukraine’s defense mini ...

1 Mar, 2022 13:30
Belarus troops enter Ukraine

‘Suspilne’ TV informs the troops of Belarus have entered Chernihiv region of Ukraine. The representative of Chernihiv territorial defense confirmed this in a comment. Belarus troop ...

19 Nov, 2021 12:09
Ukraine to spend 17 billion hryvnas on border wall, – interior minister Monastyrskiy

Ukraine is in a rush to fence the border with Belarus and Russia as soon as next year alarmed by a migrant crisis in Belarus. 

12 Nov, 2021 01:10
Belarus migrant crisis: Kyiv bolsters border security, brings in troops

Kyiv has announced measures to prevent the migrant crisis in Belarus from spilling over into Ukraine.