6 May, 2022 11:08
Shot and run over by a tank – police found more dead bodies near Bucha

Kyiv police said on Thursday it recovered the bodies of two young men who were allegedly shot and run over by a Russian armored vehicle on February 25, at the time the Kyiv suburbs ...

1 May, 2022 11:57
Famous Ukrainian artist dies after Bucha’s month of terror

Ukrainian artist Lubov Panchenko became famous in the 1960s with her pictures full of folk motifs. She was persecuted by the Soviet authorities for her works that revived Ukrainian ...

14 Apr, 2022 16:01
Ukrainian authorities restore public utilities in Bucha

Since the town of Buch near Kyiv was liberated from Russian troops, the Ukrainian authorities have been working hard to return the city to regular life. The city council reports th ...

6 Apr, 2022 21:15
They gave him 20 minutes to clean up parts of his friend’s body torn apart by a grenade – A Bucha survivor story

'Bukvy' continues to collect harrowing stories of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. Mykola is a Bucha survivor who lost his three friends in Russian onslaught on the small Ukrainian town near Kyiv.

3 Apr, 2022 22:58
Breaking images of Bucha that emerged soon after Russian troops withdrew from this suburb of Ukraine’s capital drew horror around the world

  The news of the Ukrainian military retaking the city came on April 1 when deputy defense minister Hanna Malyar announced Kyiv region was liberated from Russian aggressors. B ...

16 Mar, 2022 11:10
Russian troops take hostage civilians in Bucha

The Bucha city council has reported on social media that Russian invaders raided the city council building on March 15 and took prisoners; among the hostages are council employees ...

22 Jun, 2021 15:46
890 hectares of forest in Bucha: Supreme Court of Ukraine resolves land dispute

The Supreme Court of Ukraine reinstates 890 hectares of Bucha town lands were lawfully made private in early 2000s