9 Feb, 2022 17:17
Former Ukrainian president charged over inciting  defections in army

State investigation revisits Viktor Yanukovych criminal case adding two more charges - inciting desertion and abetting to an offense.

13 Aug, 2021 13:44
Moldova prosecutors file charges against one of Mykola Chaus kidnappers

Prosecutors found the local accomplice in crime was recruited to gather information on Mykola Chaus and rented cars later used for kidnapping.

18 May, 2021 17:27
Court to address Prosecutor General’s office appeal on Medvedchuk house arrest

Prosecutor General’s office files an appeal on Kyiv Pechersk district court ruling that put ‘Opposition Platform for Life’ MP Viktor Medvedchuk under house arrest.

13 May, 2021 12:08
Zelensky’s ‘show must go on’

As the ‘Queen’ song goes,  “My make-up may be flaking, but my smile still stays on", Volodymyr Zelensky is no match for the former “Queen’ lead singer in talents and impact but his policies on Viktor Medvedchuk are much in line with what Freddy Mercury sang about.

12 May, 2021 17:12
Medvedchuk visits Prosecutor General’s office to collect ‘notice of suspicion’

'Opposition Platform –for Life’ party leader Viktor Medvedchuk known for his close ties to Volodymyr Putin came to Prosecutor General’s office for reading the official charges against him.

11 May, 2021 22:27
Viktor Medvedchuk responds to treason charges and raids on his office

Ukrainian “Opposition Platform –For Life’ MP Viktor Medvedchuk says ‘he will not be hiding from justice’ commenting raids on his office and high treason charges.