coal supplies

19 Dec, 2021 18:05
Coal power plants allowed to purchase gas to produce electricity

The national energy regulator has allowed Ukraine’s coal power plants to purchase gas to produce electricity.

16 Nov, 2021 17:02
Poroshenko’s legal team warns against fabricating allegations in coal contracts story

The latest allegations brought against former energy minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn are in fact part of smear campaign targeting former Ukrainian president Pertro Poroshenko, claim the former president’s legal team.

12 Nov, 2021 01:35
Coal imports from Kazakhstan are blocked by Moscow, says Ukraine’s energy deputy minister

Energy shortages  add to the woes of the pandemic-hit Ukraine as the government efforts to buy coal from as far as Kazakhstan are hampered by Moscow, said the energy deputy minister Maksym Nemchynov in an interview for 1+1 TV channel.