9 Aug, 2022 12:28
Ukraine’s security service names collaborators in Zaporizhzhya law-enforcement agencies

Ukraine’ security service, the SBU, has revealed the identities of the police officers who joined Russian-led  office of  the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ in occupied Zaporizhzhya ...

25 Jul, 2022 10:39
Ukraine’s security agency identifies collaborators in Kherson law-enforcement office

Ukraine’s intelligence agency, the SBU, said on Monday it identified collaborators in Kherson law-enforcement who joined Russia-led office of  Kherson ‘internal affairs’ ministry’. ...

13 Jun, 2022 01:42
Ukraine’s security agency exposes 50 people in Lysychansk spying for Russian troops, -local governor

Ukraine’s security agency, the SBU, has exposed 50 people in Lysychansk who allegedly provided information to the enemy via Starlink, said local governor Serhiy Gaydai on Sunday. T ...