24 Aug, 2021 15:22
Opposition stages walkout in Ukrainian parliament over  new official ‘big emblem’

Zelensky’s bill introducing a new ‘big’ state emblem passes its first reading  amid backlash from MPs and public

21 Aug, 2021 23:35
Kyiv police chief opens public monument made in his likeness, draws laughs on social media

A new Kyiv monument honoring police opened Friday to derision and ridicule with online commentators  quick to suggest the statue  bears striking resemblance to Kyiv region police chief Gen.Andriy Nebytov.

29 Jul, 2021 13:48
Russia’s state TV runs commercials of Zelensky’s ’95 Kvartal’ show

The Russian state TV 'Pervyi Natsyonalnyi' runs commercials promoting Zelensky's '95 Kvartal' variety show. The video posted on social media draws the blowback from Ukrainian politicians and bloggers.