3 Oct, 2022 13:39
Kyiv to introduce mask regime

With COVID-19 cases mounting in the city, Kyiv authorities recommend to introduce mask regime in public places. Recommendations for the return to the mask regime were approved by t ...

6 Sep, 2022 14:10
16 thousand Covid cases reported over last week in Ukraine, – health officials

More than 16 thousands new Covid cases were reported in Ukraine over the last week, adding to the woes of war-ravaged country. According to Ukraine’s health ministry, the resurging ...

10 Aug, 2022 14:33
Ukraine’s health minister warns Covid cases on the rise in Ukraine again

Covid rates have grown ‘significantly’ in Ukraine over the last few weeks with 3,893 cases reported last week alone, which is 40% higher that the week before, said health minister ...

24 Jan, 2022 13:47
Anti-vaccine crowd rallies outside Ukraine’s parliament

The protest drew a scant crowd of anti-vaccine protesters who voiced their opposition to new Covid-related legislative initiatives.

15 Dec, 2021 10:38
Ukrainian MP goes in a Covid rant, claims vaccinated people can get severe cases of infection

Ukrainian lawmaker goes rogue in the Verkhovna Rada ranting about dangers of Covid vaccination.

13 Dec, 2021 16:10
 Ukraine’s health minister green-lights a third Covid shot, but there is a catch

‘We talk here about an ‘additional’ shot, not a booster one’, stressed Viktor Lyashko.

3 Dec, 2021 09:42
No cash coming,  Zelensky’s advisor clarifies Covid financial incentive

Zelensky's advisor argues rewarding inoculated Ukrainians with cash would stimulate inflation and was not part of the financial incentive.