David Arakhamia

5 Nov, 2021 12:26
‘Servant of the People’ senior MP taking heat over sexist remarks

'Servant of the People' senior MP David Arakhamia draws the ire over his controversial comments. He claimed having a female defense minister is off the table as it 'will not go down well with the public'.

13 Oct, 2021 18:18
‘Servant of the People’ senior MP uses oligarch Firtash’s plane, claims media report

David Arakhamia reportedly twice used the private plane affiliated with Dmytro Firtash’s companies.

30 Sep, 2021 11:31
‘Servant of the People’ seeks to oust parliament speaker

The ‘Servant of the People’ party MPs are seeking a recall of parliament speaker Dmytro Razumkov.

28 Sep, 2021 12:48
‘Servant of the People’ MPs to get ‘Oscar’ awards at party congress

This weekend, the spa resort in Truskavets will see the ‘Servant of the People’ congress with awarding party ‘Oscars’.

8 Aug, 2021 13:28
No masks and social distancing. ‘Servant of the People’ MP stages a DJ set for party supporters

‘Servant of the People’ MP  David Arakhamia throws a deejaying party for young supporters of Zelensky’s party.

3 Aug, 2021 17:32
David Arakhamia’s path from Poroshenko’s follower to ‘Servant of the People’ leader

‘Bukvy’ continues series of articles about MPs. This time it is turn of David Arakhamia and his path from Poroshenko’s adherent to the head of the ‘Servant of the People’ party group in parliament.

29 Jul, 2021 14:13
Ukrainian MP warns Biden-Zelensky talks will be ‘heated’

Biden-Zelensky talks will see a 'heated discussion' over the US stance on 'Nord Stream II' project, said 'Servant of the People' MP close to the Ukrainian president.