Defense Ministry

27 Feb, 2023 14:50
Russia is trying to change the tactics of missile attacks, – intelligence report

According to the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andrii Chernyak, the Russian army is trying to make changes in the tac ...

14 Nov, 2022 18:33
Ukrainian media call on authorities to return accreditation to foreign journalists

The association of Ukrainian media, journalists and public organizations ‘Mediarukh’, to which ‘Bukvy’ belongs, demands the authorities to take immediate measures to resolve the co ...

24 Oct, 2022 15:33
90 towns and villages liberated in Kherson region, – defense ministry

Ukraine’s defense ministry said in a statement Monday that the Ukrainian force have already de-occupied more than 90 towns and villages in Kherson region. According to the statemen ...

9 Aug, 2022 19:08
Ukraine’s defense ministry responds to Crimean airbase explosions

Ukraine’ defense ministry responded in vague terms to the news of Crimea’s airbase blasts claiming it can’t figure out the ‘exact cause’ of the accident that left many people scare ...

28 Dec, 2021 12:17
Moscow has bolstered its military presence in Donbas, intelligence report

Moscow has reinforced its 1st and 2nd army corps in Donbas with equipment and military personnel.

27 Dec, 2021 16:37
25 thousand Ukrainians sign up online petiotion urging president to axe new consciption policy for women

A petition calling to roll back a policy demanding Ukrainian women to register for the military service collected upwards 25 thousand signatures.