Diia app

3 Oct, 2022 15:46
Ukraine’s military bonds available in mobile app

Ukrainian military bonds can now be bought in ‘Diia’ state mobile app. The minimal cost of one bond is 900 UAH and they can be purchased by all ‘Diia’ users without any limitations ...

8 Feb, 2022 13:02
Zelensky talks up new polling feature added to  Diia state services app

People will be polled on different range of political decisions in 'digitally and in real time' through new feature added to Diia state services app.

10 Nov, 2021 14:05
Fake ‘Diia’ app creator offered advisor job by government

A young hacker, from Zaporizhya who created fake ‘Diia’ app to sell forged vaccination certificates has been offered a consultacy role by the Ukrainian goverment.

20 Aug, 2021 10:49
How to get COVID certificate in ‘Diia’ app, – information ministry

COVID certificates in ‘Diia’ app will be available for Ukrainians in the coming days, after Play Market and App Store update the application.