draft law

15 Jun, 2021 21:19
Verkhovna Rada approves ‘in principal’ restructuring debts on gas bills

The law that introduces mechanism for restructuring of gas debts passes the first reading in the parliament.

15 Jun, 2021 19:54
Alternative draft law on oligarchs brought to Verkhovna Rada

Three major opposition parties draft a law "On deoligarchization, promotion of competition, purification of power from corrupt influences and social responsibility of business.

3 Jun, 2021 09:48
Zelensky passes draft law on oligarchs to parliament. Key points

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian president introduced the law no.5599 ‘On prevention of threats to national security in connection to excessive influence of individuals who have conside ...

25 May, 2021 15:39
Zelensky presents new laws on national resistance and army build-up

The laws that bolster Ukraine’s defence capacity were introduced in the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday.

6 May, 2021 00:01
Venice Commission presents remarks on Zelensky’ draft law on appointing High Council of Justice members

The Venice Comission makes public its urgent opinion on Zelensky’s draft law no.5068 that regulates procedures of appointing members of High Council of Justice, informs the Commission's website