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15 Aug, 2021 13:34
Drift in Kyiv: racer claims they shot video to promote Red Bull and mark Independence Day

Ukrainian drift racer Oleksandr Grynchuk states that Red Bull staged filming at Sophia Square in Kyiv to promote the brand, as well as to celebrate Ukrainian Flag Day and Independence Day. Moreover, he claims that the company always cleans up after such projects.

10 Aug, 2021 23:16
Energy drink company apologizes for drift racing near UNESCO site in Kyiv

'Red Bull' posts an official apology on Instagram over video production involving drift racing near Bohdan Khmelnytski monument at historic square in Kyiv

10 Aug, 2021 13:58
Red Bull makes a video near UNESCO site in Kyiv, damages historic square

Drift racing staged at pedestrian area of Sophiyska Square in Kyiv for a Red Bull commercial production brings disruption and damage to the historic place.