30 Jun, 2023 12:37
Direct losses after Kakhovka dam explosion make USD 2 billion, – government

The amount of direct losses after Russians blew up the Kakhovka dam is at least 2 billion dollars. As stated by the ministry of economy, these are losses in the housing and communa ...

5 Jan, 2023 14:11
Ukraine’s GDP fell by 30.4% during 2022

The Ministry of Economy announced that, according to a preliminary estimate, Ukraine’s GDP fell by 30.4%. This is the worst indicator since gaining Independence in 1991, but ...

6 Jan, 2022 22:24
Ukraine’s government boasts record $ 68.24 billion export

Exports of goods from Ukraine in 2021 reached a record amount of $ 68.24 billion.

4 Jan, 2022 23:05
Ukraine’s businesses sentiment about recovery in 2022 far from optimistic as survey shows

Climbing energy prices, rising productions costs, and quarantine curbs clouded the outlook for business activity in Ukraine.