‘European Solidarity’ MPs

7 Feb, 2023 00:31
‘European Solidarity’ MP calls to make History of Ukraine compulsory subject

‘European Solidarity’ MP Viktoriia Siumar called on the Verkhovna Rada to return the History of Ukraine to the list of compulsory subjects for receiving a school certificate. Earli ...

1 Nov, 2022 14:06
European Solidarity party condemns allocating 2 billion UAH for United TV marathon

European Solidarity MPs condemn the draft State Budget for 2023, in particular, allocating 1.94 billion hryvnias for the United News TV marathon and the Russian-language FREEDOM TV ...

19 Oct, 2022 18:47
Ukrainian parliament adopts statement condemning Iran’s actions

On October 19, the Verkhovna Rada passed a statement proposed by ‘European Solidarity’ MPs Oleksii Honcharenko, Artur Herasymov and Iryna Herashchenko regarding Iran. The MPs stres ...

3 Feb, 2022 18:16
‘European Solidarity’ MPs join former speaker Razumkov in calls for dismissal of internal minister

‘European Solidarity’ MPs and former speaker Dmytro Razumkov registered a draft resolution to dismiss internal minister Denys Monastyrskyi.

11 Oct, 2021 20:14
‘European Solidarity’ MPs report offences to SBU and Prosecutor’s office

Following the recent Pandora Papers revelations, MPs lodge official reports to the State Security and Prosecutor General over alleged offences.

7 Oct, 2021 17:24
Election of parliamentary speaker: Petro Poroshenko tells off pro-Russian MP Shurfirch

'European Solidarity' leader Petro Poroshenko backs Yana Zinkevich for a role of the new parliamentary speaker and offers a stern telling off to Opposition Platform for Life MP Nestor Shufrich

2 Aug, 2021 21:41
Excessive bail for Pavlovskyi and Shandra is ‘kind of torture’, – MPs

The amounts of bail in ‘Kuznya na Rybalskomu’ criminal proceeding are evidence of the political character of the case and a violation of human rights. The lawyers are going to apply to the European Court of Human Rights.