‘European Solidarity’ party

13 Apr, 2022 17:14
All collaborators must be brought to justice, – ‘European Solidarity’ statement

The ‘European Solidarity’ party came up with the statement regarding yesterday’s detention of pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk who had earlier escaped from home arrest. ‘Eu ...

16 Feb, 2022 11:51
‘European Solidarity’ on top of party ratings, – latest poll

The ‘European solidarity’ party headed by Petro Poroshenko continues to take a lead in Ukrainian party ratings.

1 Feb, 2022 16:16
‘European Solidarity’ leads in party ratings

The rating of the ‘European Solidarity’ led by Petro Poroshenko has increased by more than 5% compared to October 2021.

6 Jan, 2022 20:11
Arrest of Petro Poroshenko’s assets: ‘European Solidarity’ party issues statement

The list of arrested Poroshenko’s assets includes ‘Priamyi’ and ‘5 kanal’ TV channels, which do not actually belong to the former president of Ukraine.

23 Dec, 2021 13:40
‘European Solidarity’ party accuses Zelensky of high treason

The ‘European Solidarity’ MPs accuse president Zelensky and his top officials of high treason and abetting terrorists.

21 Dec, 2021 13:30
We should think about Ukraine, not about own ratings,- Poroshenko responds to charges

The former president of Ukraine and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko comments on his international visit and high treason charges.

8 Dec, 2021 14:48
Poroshenko makes a statement on Biden-Putin meeting

‘Only together, with a united front, will we be able to defeat the Russian monster!’ – Poroshenko reacts to Biden’s talks with Putin.