Foreign Ministry

26 Oct, 2021 17:28
Ukraine’s Ambassador cancels opposition’s meetings in US, – MP Siumar

Opposition MPs called out Foreign Ministry and Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US over attempts to disrupt lawmakers’ overseas visit.

31 Aug, 2021 11:48
Ukraine plans to continue evacuation from Afghanistan after August 31, – Foreign Ministry

Ukraine is planning to continue evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan after August 31.

17 Apr, 2021 10:49
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry calls senior diplomat detention in St. Petersburg ‘yet another provocation’

On April 17, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) intormed about the detention of Оlexander Sosonyuk, Ukraine's consul in St. Petersburg.

6 Apr, 2021 18:12
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry’ reaction to naked photoshoot in Dubai: ‘Models to be fined and deported’

Ukrainian nationals were among those detained by Dubai police for “an indecent video shared online”. Ukraine’s diplomats provided an update on the number of the Ukrainian national taken in custody.