freedom of speech

26 Nov, 2021 15:47
Journalists not allowed to Zelensky’s press marathon stage protest rally

On November 26, Volodymyr Zelensky held a press marathon for domestic and international media, however, not all reporters were allowed there.

24 Nov, 2021 23:53
‘Bukvy’ responds to smear campaign and attacks on media outlet

On November 23, ‘Bukvy’ was hit by false claims coming from the disgruntled employee of our social team. The guy took to social media with made-up allegations and grievances to bad ...

23 Nov, 2021 14:42
Ex-employees of ‘Dom’ TV channel accuse government of censorship, President’s office reacts

Former ‘Dom’ TV channel workers came forth with scathing revelations of censorship from Zelensky’s officials.

22 Nov, 2021 14:48
‘Kyiv Post’ team announces launch of new English-language media outlet

The team of ‘Kyiv Post’ that resigned earlier this month has announced the launch of their own English-language outlet – ‘The Kyiv Independent’.

8 Nov, 2021 21:31
‘Kyiv Post’ closes, journalists complain of pressure from owner

On Monday, the owner of ‘Kyiv Post’ Adnan Kivan said he was temporarily suspending the work of the oldest Ukrainian English-language newspaper.

8 Nov, 2021 20:47
Poroshenko sells his media assets to ‘Vilni media’ holding

The former president Petro Poroshenko sells his media assets complaining over pressure from Zelensky administration.

14 Oct, 2021 09:00
SBU officer interfered with ‘Slidstvo.Info’ film about Zelensky offshores, media report

‘Slidstvo.Info’ reporters named the SBU official who allegedly interfered with the public showing of ‘Offshore 95’ documentary.