17 Nov, 2022 16:30
Ukraine needs German weapons, – Petro Poroshenko

The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with representatives of Germany’s political elite and called for Ukraine to receive more weapons and help restore energy ...

28 Sep, 2022 15:13
EU unofficially calls on Ukraine to move away from the ‘united news’ on TV, – Germany ambassador

The Ambassador of Germany Anka Feldhusen said that the European Union unofficially called on the Ukrainian authorities to cancel the ‘united marathon’ format on television, the Eur ...

18 May, 2022 00:58
Kyiv secures 150€ million loan from German federal bank,  – Ukrainian PM

Ukraine’s government moves to green-light a 150 € million loan from  German KfW Development bank, said the prime minister office in a statement on Tuesday. The new 15-year loan  ha ...

16 Oct, 2021 00:42
‘Nord Stream 2 launch suffers delay due to Ukraine’s position’,  Naftogaz CEO

Naftogaz CEO Yuriy Vitrenko opens about about prospects of Nord Stream 2 launch

22 Jul, 2021 09:20
Nord Stream 2 and guarantees for Ukraine

The United States and Germany began disclosing details of agreements between US President Joseph Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit to Washington.

4 Jun, 2021 18:16
Germany and France should bear responsibility for the occupation of Crimea, — Danilov

Oleksii Danilov, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC of Ukraine), stated that France and Germany should be held responsible for the Russian annexation of Crimea.