20 Oct, 2021 18:00
Ukrainian PM offers solution to avoid full lockdown

The Ukrainian goverment seeks to bring weekly vaccine uptake to 1.5 million doses to curb the resurging pandemic.

11 Aug, 2021 14:29
Ukraine to extand adaptive quarantine till October,  PM Denys Shmygal

Ukrainian PM Denys Shmygal says the country will keep in place its Covid pollicies for next 3 months.

4 Aug, 2021 10:58
Grenade-carrying person threatens to blow up government building in Kyiv

A Ukrainian army veteran with a grenade threatened to explode it at the Cabinet of Ministers building.

28 Jul, 2021 16:54
Ukraine government removes Ruslan Khomchak’s wife from top governmental post in Chernyhiv

Anna Khomenko loses the post of Chernyhiv government head two days after Ukraine’s president sacks her husband, the military chief Ruslan Khomchak.

28 Jul, 2021 14:03
Tighter border controls and full self-quarantine. Ukrainian PM announces new curbs  

With Delta cases surging worldwide, Ukrainian government moves to tighten entry  rules control and self-quarantine policies amid fears of surging Delta variant infections.

5 May, 2021 14:26
Zelensky calls on government to provide Ukrainians with Covid vaccines by Independence Day

Volodymyr Zelensky met with the government officials to discuss the sufficiency  of  Ukraine's Covid-19 prevention policies, informs the President's website.