Herman Halushchenko

11 Apr, 2023 13:09
Ukraine plans to export more electricity to Europe, – energy ministry

As stated by the energy ministry, the capacity reserve in the energy system of Ukraine allows increasing the volume of electricity for export to Europe. Ukraine’s resumption ...

3 Apr, 2023 11:11
No consumer restrictions in the grid, – energy ministry

Ukraine’s energy system continues to operate without consumer restrictions and has a capacity reserve. According to minister Herman Halushchenko, the electricity production fully m ...

23 Mar, 2023 13:59
Energy system operates without consumption restrictions, – energy ministry

As of March 23, the energy system of Ukraine continues to operate without restrictions for consumers and with a capacity reserve. Temporary power outages are possible in Zhytomyr r ...

17 Mar, 2023 09:27
Ukraine plans to produce nuclear fuel

Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko visited the enterprise where nuclear fuel will be produced for domestic nuclear power plants, and later for export to other countr ...

13 Feb, 2023 11:33
Ukraine’s electricity production fully covers consumption needs, – energy ministry

As of February 13, electricity generation in Ukraine fully covers consumption needs, said the press service of the energy ministry. Outages are possible only in some areas. Accordi ...

1 Feb, 2023 15:42
Ukraine has sufficient energy reserves till the end of the heating season, – energy minister

Ukraine’s energy minister Herman Halushchenko said that Ukraine has the necessary resources to go through and complete this difficult heating season. According to the minister, as ...

8 Nov, 2021 14:01
Ukraine’s energy minister squabbled with gas supplier over his high bills in 2019, -court documents

In 2019, the current energy minister Herman Halushchenko squabbled with gas supplier over his high gas bills.