8 Dec, 2022 15:16
Due to the new format of interaction on Instagram, the reach of Bukvy has increased by 1000%, and the number of followers has increased by 7.7 times during the 9 months of the war

On February 24, 2022, like millions of Ukrainians, Bukvy employees woke up to the sounds of Russian bombs and missiles exploding in our cities. That day and several next weeks, our editorial staff worked around the clock, gathering information about the course of the full-fledged Russian invasion and informing our readers about the events that divided the lives of Ukrainian into the periods “before” and “after” the beginning of the full-fledged war. Similarly, our approaches to communicating with the audience also changed. In a crisis situation that changes literally everything, people are looking not only for information and help, but also for simple communication, understanding that they are not alone in the world where instead of the usual things and social interaction, there is only the risk of dying, getting crippled, losing loved ones.

12 Aug, 2022 00:45
Instagram removes a post about killing of 4-year-old girl in Russia’s July rocket strike at Vinnytsya

On Thursday, Instagram took down a post of Iryna Dmitrieva, a mother of 4-year-old Lisa killed in the Russian rocket strike at Vinnytsya on July 14.  In her poignant message, the w ...

10 May, 2022 10:00
Instagram deletes ‘Bukvy’ post about Azov regiment

On May 9, Instagram deleted ‘Bukvy’ post about Azov regiment press conference held in Azovstal the day before.   The post contained the quotes from the speeches of Sviatoslav ...

19 Mar, 2022 15:36
Instagram removes ‘Bukvy’ post featuring comments of Azov Battalion representative

On March 19, Bukvy found Instagram has taken down its post with comments from Dmytro Kukharchuk of Azov Regiment that came in response to the claims of presidential advisor Oleksiy ...

4 May, 2021 16:00
‘With egg on his face’ – Serhiy Leshchenko photos bewilder his Instagram followers

‘Ukrzaliznytsya” Advisory Board member ‘teases’ his Instagram followers with a funny eye mask and quizzes them on botany and ornithology