international support

12 Jun, 2022 15:04
‘Help us defend Europe’ – Petro Poroshenko addresses international community

The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said on French TV channel LCI that the security of the whole Europe depends on the security of Ukraine, ‘European Solidarity’ party ...

14 Mar, 2022 11:53
Ukrainian diaspora donates 100,000 € to support Ukraine, – Pavlo Fuks

Ukrainian businessman Pavlo Fuks said on social media that Ukrainians  accross the world were joining the effort to support their native country in the face of Russian arggression. ...

3 Mar, 2022 05:14
MEEST postal company offers help how to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Humanitarian mail Meest from Europe, Canada and the USA explained how to transfer aid to Ukraine amid ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine. The company said it daily sends thousan ...

2 Mar, 2022 22:44
‘Putin will never defeat Ukrainian resistance’ – Poroshenko addresses Ukraine.SOS march in Paris

The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko addressed the march of international solidarity with Ukraine in Paris.

17 Feb, 2022 13:54
Zelensky: Ukraine given cold shoulder by some NATO countries over its alliance membership

Ukraine's bid for NATO membership faces opposition not only in Moscow but by some alliance states as well, says Volodymyr Zelensky on a visit to Mariupol.

30 Jan, 2022 17:31
Ukrainian activists rally in Kyiv, give shoutout to Western leaders for military aid

The #ThanksFriends event was held in Kyiv to express gratitude to Ukraine’s allies that provide military assistance

7 Dec, 2021 12:18
‘It will be bloody massacre’, – Ukraine’s defense minister on potential Russian invasion

The defense minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov is convinced Russia will not be able to win if it invades Ukraine.