23 Jun, 2022 15:46
‘I continue helping our guys but without my beloved one’ – tragic love story of Ukrainian military

Yan and Maryna served in the same military unit. He was a commander of the combat vehicle and she is a paramedic.   On June 6, sergeant Yan Bailo fell in battle.   Maryna ...

27 Jan, 2022 17:59
Putins dreams to recreate the Soviet Union, – key takeaways from Petro Poroshenko’s interview for BBC

The former Ukrainian president argued criminal cases against him are reprisals for his uncompomising position in Minsk peace agreements, efforts to foil Russian agression, and phone contacts with then US vice president Joe Biden.

31 Dec, 2021 13:01
Zelensky is following into Putin and Lukashenko’s footsteps, -Petro Poroshenko interview for Gazeta Wyborcza

Zelensky is fixated on his own ratings and will try to use the rigged vote next time, argued the former Ukrainian president.

28 Dec, 2021 23:07
Petro Poroshenko reveals the lesson he learnt from talks with Russia’s president

Former Ukrainian president warned Western leaders that 'once you start fearing Putin, you will lose'.

28 Nov, 2021 01:32
’Stop smearing Ukrainian intel, it is our army elite’, – Poroshenko speaks out on Zelensky latest allegations and Russian military build-up

Zelensky's controversal statements at his press conference and growing escalation near Ukraine's border take center stage in Petro Poroshenko''s interview for 'Prymyi' TV channel.

19 Aug, 2021 10:24
Even those with Soviet background will gladly rejoin Ukraine, – Zelensky

Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky says people in occupied Crimea will 'gladly welcome Ukrainian authority'.

5 Aug, 2021 12:22
Zelensky to residents of occupied Donbas: ‘You love Russia – look for place to live in Russia’

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, who consider themselves Russians, with words ‘look for a place to live in Russia’.