Joe Biden

29 Jul, 2021 14:13
Ukrainian MP warns Biden-Zelensky talks will be ‘heated’

Biden-Zelensky talks will see a 'heated discussion' over the US stance on 'Nord Stream II' project, said 'Servant of the People' MP close to the Ukrainian president.

17 Jun, 2021 11:14
Biden vs Putin. The summit that turned tables

It is stark clear that party affiliations will split observers and experts in their judgment and sentiments over the Geneva summit of Joe Biden and Volodymyr Putin.

10 Jun, 2021 11:37
Three nuts for Zelensky

Since Leonid Kuchma’s presidency, the relationships between Ukraine and the United States have been called ‘strategic partnership’. Actually, each Kuchma’s successor maintained this partnership in his own way.

1 May, 2021 13:05
‘Rudy dishing out crazy conspiracies and Yermak agreeing with them,” details of a call between Trump’s lawyer and Zelensky’s top aide

On Friday, the US media outlet Buzz Feed revealed the full transcript of the call between Trump’s personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani and Zelensky’s top adisor Andriy Yermak.

28 Apr, 2021 14:57
Unpredictable president – Joe Biden and Ukraine

World’s media reacts to the first 100 days of Joe Biden in the Oval office calling him ‘predictable’ After all, it was set to be his main political goal on becoming a president. He ...

26 Apr, 2021 15:58
Zelensky calls for the reboot of ‘Normandy format’, rejects to hold talks with DNR/LNR leaders

In an interview with the Financial Times the Ukrainian president urges to have 'Normandy format' “extended and expanded” and rejects Volodymyr Putin’s demand to hold talks with separatists.

16 Apr, 2021 13:29
‘Relations can be better, deeper, when presidents have more than an official call’, Zelensky on the US-Ukraine relations

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in his Le Figaro interview discusses Biden, Trump, and opens up on his expectations from the US administration.