22 Jul, 2021 20:56
Moldova’s Prosecutor General: Chaus investigation complete, questions to Ukraine

Moldova finished the investigation into the abduction of Ukrainian ex-judge Mykola Chaus. There are questions to Ukraine and Moldova is waiting for answers.

5 Jul, 2021 11:33
Moldova’s parliamentary commission views Chaus kidnapping as a way of Zelensky’s pressure on Poroshenko

The expected but no less significant event has recently taken place in the case of ex-judge Mykola Chaus abduction.

24 May, 2021 09:49
Roman Pratasevich. Death row flight

Minsk fake a suspected bomb alert and flew a Mig 29 jet fighter – that came on Oleksandr Lukashenko order- to force the landing of a Ryanair plane. The pilots were demanded t ...

17 May, 2021 13:40
Unexpected video of Mykola Chaus -what its metadata reveals

The Ukrainian former jugde Mykola Chaus who was kidnapped in Moldova in early April ‘reemerges’ and posts a video on ‘Telegram’ claiming that he 'is in a safe place and feels well'.

6 May, 2021 17:37
GPS tracker helps Moldova’s police track down cars of Mykola Chaus kidnappers

Moldova’s police tracked down rental cars of the Ukrainian operatives who were allegedly involved in kidnapping of Mykola Chaus, says Rise Moldova report

5 May, 2021 21:39
Zelensky’s top aide discussed kidnapping of Mykola Chaus with Moldova’s president officials

Andriy Yermak, Zelensky’s top advisor, reportedly called his Moldova’s countepart Andriy Spinu to discuss kidnapping of Mykola Chaus.

22 Apr, 2021 13:57
Ukrainian law-enforcement operatives linked to kidnapping of Mykola Chaus, report by Ukrainian and Moldovian journalists

The journalistic investigation of ‘Slidstvo.Info’ and ‘Rise Moldova’ revealed the evidence pointing to Ukraine’s law-enforcement agencies’ involvement in kidnapping and removing the fugitive judge Mykola Chaus from Moldova.