Kyiv police

21 Aug, 2021 23:35
Kyiv police chief opens public monument made in his likeness, draws laughs on social media

A new Kyiv monument honoring police opened Friday to derision and ridicule with online commentators  quick to suggest the statue  bears striking resemblance to Kyiv region police chief Gen.Andriy Nebytov.

16 Aug, 2021 23:27
OSCE official condemns attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, responded to the attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi and called for protection of the press in Ukraine.

16 Aug, 2021 21:15
Attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter: initiator identified

‘Bukvy’ managed to establish the identity of the person who initiated the attack on Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi.

15 Aug, 2021 19:40
Attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter: police file charges against 2 men

Kyiv police said they filed charges against two men in connection to beating of ‘Bukvy’ journalist Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi with suspects now facing up to five years in prison.

15 Aug, 2021 07:56
Kyiv police launches investigation into attack on Bukvy reporter

Investigation has been launched into beating of Bukvy reporter, says Kyiv police in a statement Saturday.

11 Aug, 2021 13:17
Ukraine’s Interior Minister Monastyrsky appoints new Kyiv police chief

The new appointment is Ivan Vygovsky, chief of Poltava regional police, says Interior Ministry in a Tuesday statement

21 May, 2021 13:40
Beating of young artist sparks protests in Kyiv

Hundreds of people protest in Kyiv calling for resignation of Pavlo Vlasenko, chief of Podilskyi District police department following the violent arrest of Dmytro Bugaychuk.