30 Jul, 2021 16:09
‘Away with the Russia’s mole!’, Protest at president’s office marks a year since Wagner operation leak scandal

On this day last year,  Ukraine was rocked by revelations about  alleged leaks from Zelensky’s top officials that led  Ukraine’s intelligence operation failure. On Thursday, protes ...

13 Jul, 2021 13:23
Ukraine’s capital adds  Pfizer shots to vaccination options for over -60s

Starting July 16, Kyiv residents can sign up for Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine.

28 Jun, 2021 21:00
Wagner mercenaries leak scandal.  Protesters in Kyiv accuse Ukraine’s president of treason

Protesters rally at Zelensky’s Kyiv official residence calling for his resignation over claims he was part of alleged leak scheme leading to failure of Ukraine’s intelligence operation.

9 May, 2021 14:22
Kyiv honors Ukrainian soldiers who fell in World War II

Kyiv marks the events formerly knows as Victory day.  The subdued commemoration sees security checks at the Kyiv metro and reports no major disturbances.

8 May, 2021 12:02
Antony Blinken and his ‘rapid test’ for Ukraine

The official visit of the US Secretary of State to Kyiv can be taken as a ‘rapid diagnostic test’, or a geopolitical ‘biopsy’, so to speak. Antony Blinken clearly acted as a seasoned professional examining Ukraine to see if it lives up to the status  of the US ‘strategic partner’; his talks with the Ukrainian government officials were set to help Washington to work out the US strategy for relations with Kyiv.