10 Nov, 2021 21:23
Petro Poroshenko calls for sanctions against Putin and Lukashenko, Russian media react

Petro Poroshenko supported the blames of the Polish authorities regarding migrant crisis, which caused hysteria in the Russian media.

2 Jun, 2021 12:24
Lithuania’s officials refuse to confirm Anatoliy Shariy ‘persona non grata’ status

On Monday, some Ukrainian media outlets picked up a social media story claiming that Lithuania declared Ukrainian political activist and founder of “Shariy party’ Anatoliy Shariy ‘persona non grata’ and revoked his status of political asylee.

31 May, 2021 23:27
Did Lithuania declare Anatoliy Shariy ‘persona non grata’? ‘Bukvy’ fact check

‘Bukvy’ fact-checks  media reports claiming that Vilnus has barred entry of the country to Ukrainian political blogger Anatoliy Shariy who resided in Lithuania in 2012-2019  as a political asylee.