4 May, 2022 13:28
Growing risk of hunger as Russians loot southern east Ukraine’s grain stockpiles – Gaidai

Luhansk region can face hunger after Russian have troops looted local grain storage sites driving away with at least 100 thousand tons of the stock and disrupting this year’s plant ...

22 Apr, 2022 14:30
Russian troops seize agricultural businesses and equipment in occupied southern regions, – reports

Russian troops are seizing agricultural businesses in occupied southern regions  of Ukraine and destroy agricultural equipment to disrupt the planting season. Ukrainian farmers are ...

18 Apr, 2022 10:45
Ukrainian soldiers hand back a mobile phone stolen by Russian looters in Trostyanets to its 10-year-old owner

Looted but recovered, a 10-year-old Ivanka who fled Trostyanets in mid-March  had a rare moment of joy after she got a call from Ukrainian soldiers of Kholodny Yar 93 Brigade  tell ...