30 Jun, 2023 12:37
Direct losses after Kakhovka dam explosion make USD 2 billion, – government

The amount of direct losses after Russians blew up the Kakhovka dam is at least 2 billion dollars. As stated by the ministry of economy, these are losses in the housing and communa ...

5 Jan, 2023 14:11
Ukraine’s GDP fell by 30.4% during 2022

The Ministry of Economy announced that, according to a preliminary estimate, Ukraine’s GDP fell by 30.4%. This is the worst indicator since gaining Independence in 1991, but ...

2 Nov, 2022 13:28
28 billion UAH losses after Russia’s occupation of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Ukraine’s nuclear energy operator Energoatom stated that Russian occupation of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant caused more than 28 billion UAH losses. The losses include destroyed ...

2 May, 2022 10:53
Russia’s elite troops suffer serious losses near Yampil, – Ukraine’s military officials

Ukrainian airborne forces destroying Russian elite regiment in Donetsk region Ukraine’s airborne forces command reported on Monday it caused serious losses to Russia’s 24 Brigade i ...

7 Feb, 2022 12:38
Financial violations cost Ukraine’s EnergoAtom 13 billion hryvnas in losses over last 3 years,- state audit findings

Violations in procurement procedured alone wiped off over 9 billion hryvnas of public funds, said the audit report by State Audit Service.