2 Jun, 2022 10:53
Russian missiles strike railroad infrastructure in Lviv region

Lviv regional governor Maskym Kozytskyi said 4 Russian missiles launched from the Black Sea targeted railway infrustracture  in the region in an apparent attempt to disrupt the rai ...

17 May, 2022 10:24
Russia missiles hit railway infrastructure in Lviv region  – officials

Russia is back at it again using night time to lay waste to infrastructure sites in Ukraine. Overnight its missiles hit several undisclosed site in the region including the Yavoriv ...

27 Mar, 2022 12:27
Saturday rocket attack of Lviv in photos

After the Russian strike in Lviv on March 26, the firefighters had been extinguishing fire at an oil depot for 14 hours, Ukraine’s emergency service said. Russian missiles hit the ...

26 Mar, 2022 18:49
5 wounded after Russian missiles hit Lviv

A plume of smoke is seen rising in the sky in Lviv following massive explosions. Lviv region governor Maksym Kozytskiy says two missile strikes have hit the outskirts of the city i ...

18 Mar, 2022 08:40
Russian missiles hit Lviv airport

At about 6:30 am, Russian air strike hit the area of Lviv airport. City mayor Andrii Sadovyi reports no casualties so far, as the work of the aircraft repair facility hit by Russia ...

13 Mar, 2022 08:33
Russian airstrikes on Ivano-Frankivsk and Yavoriv kill 9 and wound 57 people

Early Sunday morning Russian missiles hit Ivano-Frankivsk airport and Yavoriv military center near Lviv. Ivano-Frankivsk mayor has not reported any casualties yet, emergency servic ...

29 Nov, 2021 20:49
Group of Ukrainian Instagram influencers slammed  for BDSM-themed party they had on Holodomor Remembrance Day

The event organizers face a hefty fine for staging a contorversial party in Lviv community center defying red zone quarantine restrictions.