Ministry of Culture

30 Jun, 2021 21:01
‘Rude and racist remarks’, TV personality Karolina Ashion opens up on  encounter with Ukraine’s culture minister

The Ukrainian TV presenter and actress Karolina Ashion goes public with allegations of racism and offences she suffered from then ‘1+1’ executive producer  Oleksandr Tkachenko  

1 Jun, 2021 20:04
Exhibition staged by Andriy Fedoriv’s wife  wipes 8,5 million hryvnas off  Ukraine’s budget

The exhibition ‘Chornobyl.Journey’ curated by Yana Gres agency proves costly for the public funds.

14 Jul, 2020 09:57
Why ‘Travel Ukraine’-promotional campaign is not about Ukraine

How come that promotional campaign #TravelUkraine is more about promotion of Russian сulture and arts than Ukraine’s tourist destinations?