MInsk Agreements

8 Feb, 2022 12:34
‘Calling Ukraine ‘my belle’ is a bit of a stretch’, –  Zelensky shoots back at  Russia’s president

The Ukrainian president quipped that Putin's calling Ukraine 'my belle' was a 'bit of a stretch', dismising criticism Kyiv is to blame for Minsk agreements' impasse.

10 Dec, 2021 12:09
Most of Ukrainians believe Minsk agreements need to be revised, – recent poll

December 6-8 poll results show 54% of Ukrainians back the idea Minsk agreements o should be rewritten.

28 Apr, 2021 13:39
Poroshenko offers five steps to reach peace in Donbas, sets ‘red lines’ for Zelensky

In his Tuesday address, Petro Poroshenko, the former Ukrainian president and “European Solidarity’ party” leader, proposes a 5-steps’ plan set to reach peace in Donbas and warns Zelensky’s officials against crossing ‘red lines’ in talks with Russia.

26 Apr, 2021 15:58
Zelensky calls for the reboot of ‘Normandy format’, rejects to hold talks with DNR/LNR leaders

In an interview with the Financial Times the Ukrainian president urges to have 'Normandy format' “extended and expanded” and rejects Volodymyr Putin’s demand to hold talks with separatists.