28 Dec, 2021 18:54
European Solidarity MPs put pressure on the SBU, call for probe into Zelensky policies in Donbas

Opposition MPs campaign comes in response to trumped-up charges against Zelensky's political rival Petro Poroshenko.

16 Nov, 2021 15:19
Breakaway ‘Golos’ MP rattled by questions about her links to ruling party members

On Tuesday, opposition MP Oleksandra Ustinova was spotted amiably chatting with two senior MPs of the ruling party – Oleksandr Kornienko and Oleksandr Trukhin.  'Bukvy' set out to find out what comes behind the behind-the-scenes conversation of three lawmakers.

30 Sep, 2021 16:42
How ‘Servant of the People’ MPs ‘serve’ people. Ruslan Stefanchuk story

‘Bukvy’ continues a series of articles about MPs, looking into Ruslan Stefanchuk’s biography and incomes.

28 Sep, 2021 14:52
‘European Solidarity’ party addresses law enforcement over ‘oligarchs law’

‘European Solidarity’ MPs approached National Anti-Corruption Bureau, State Bureau of Investigation and Prosecutor General over an alleged criminal offence during the ‘law on oligarchs’ vote.

1 Sep, 2021 14:21
Court returned 14 hectares of land near Kyiv to Yanukovych’s customs head

Court returned 14 hectares of land near Kyiv to Ihor Kaletnik, ex-head of the State Customs Service. The reason was ‘newly discovered circumstances’ - accidentally found urban and land documents of the 1960s.

3 Aug, 2021 17:32
David Arakhamia’s path from Poroshenko’s follower to ‘Servant of the People’ leader

‘Bukvy’ continues series of articles about MPs. This time it is turn of David Arakhamia and his path from Poroshenko’s adherent to the head of the ‘Servant of the People’ party group in parliament.

29 Jul, 2021 10:42
Four ‘Golos’ MPs defect, blast party leadership

Four 'Golos' MPs - Olga Stefanyshyna, Oleksandra Ustinova, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, and Solomiya Bobrovska are quitting the party over mounting disagreements with Kira Rudyk.