national police

27 Dec, 2022 18:51
53,190 cases of war crimes, – police report

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, the investigators of the National Police of Ukraine have initiated 53,190 criminal proceedings based on the facts of crimes ...

3 Nov, 2022 16:00
868 killed civilians found in de-occupied territories, – police report

The bodies of 868 civilians who had been killed during the Russian occupation were found in the liberated territories of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Kherson regions, Ukraine’s polic ...

5 Jan, 2022 21:35
Ukraine’s police officers quitting in droves. What we know so far

Recent admissions from police seniors left the lid on the mounting staffing crisis Ukraine's police force is grappling with, and Bukvy found out what makes cops leave.

22 Nov, 2021 13:40
Police filed a report against activist after protest at Zelensky official residence

The police filed a report on misdemeanor charges against Yurii Hudymenko, the leader of ‘Demokratychna Sokyra’ party.

9 Nov, 2021 13:26
National police reports alarming data on forgeries of COVID documents

Ih the last two weeks alone, the police have exposed 210 cases of falsified Covid certificates and tests.

30 Sep, 2021 10:42
National police to check COVID certificates, – police chief

The National police are developing the procedure to check COVID certificates during a possible lockdown.