NATO membership

23 Jan, 2023 21:07
NATO membership is key component of Ukraine’s victory, – Petro Poroshenko

Today in Brussels, the Ukrainian delegation together with Petro Poroshenko attended the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Inter-Parliamentary Council with the Secretary General of the No ...

22 Nov, 2022 13:42
Joining NATO is key task for Ukraine, – Petro Poroshenko

The former president of Ukraine and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko took part at Halifax International Security Forum, European Solidarity press service ...

22 Jun, 2022 23:34
76% Ukrainians support joining NATO, – poll results

The results of the latest poll by ‘Rating’ sociology group have shown that the vast majority of Ukrainians support the idea of country’s membership in NATO. Three in for Ukrainians ...

11 May, 2022 15:24
Ukraine has become a fortress on NATO’s eastern flank, – Petro Poroshenko

In an online address during the international conference ‘NATO after Madrid: the Ukraine lesson’, the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that after eight years of wa ...

17 Feb, 2022 13:54
Zelensky: Ukraine given cold shoulder by some NATO countries over its alliance membership

Ukraine's bid for NATO membership faces opposition not only in Moscow but by some alliance states as well, says Volodymyr Zelensky on a visit to Mariupol.

14 Feb, 2022 16:50
‘The future of European security system is being decided in Ukraine now’ – Zelensky

After the talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Volodymyr Zelensky said the European security system is being decided in Ukraine now, Olaf Scholz, in turn, stressed that he supports Ukraine in its democratic aspirations.

14 Feb, 2022 13:57
‘European Solidarity’ party reacts to Prystaiko’s statements

Ukrainian diplomat remarks over possible backtracking of Kyiv on NATO membership drew swift blowback from ‘European Solidarity’ leaders.