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26 Jan, 2022 17:13
Ukrainian MPs to delay fines over POS systems’ requirement

A year-long grace period for fines over failure to install POS systems, said 'Golos' Kira Rudyk, as Ukrainian MPs soften their stance on the controversial fiscal policy.

18 Nov, 2021 12:30
Ukraine’s parliament broadens powers of Border Service, allows more arms and gear

Alarmed by the recent migrant crisis in neighboring countries, Ukraine's parliament broadens powers of State Border Service.

26 Aug, 2021 21:14
Zelensky introduces new ‘cyber defense’ command

Ukraine rushes to establish its own cyber defense forces to address challenges to 'sovereignty' and prevent 'military conflicts' in cyberspace

28 Jul, 2021 17:31
Ukraine to introduce biometric visas for international visitors

Ukraine’s government mandates collection of personal identifiers for foreigners and stateless persons applying for Ukrainian visas.

15 Jul, 2021 17:43
After your money. How ‘Servant of the People’ policies are impacting finances of ordinary Ukrainians

Few Ukrainians fail to take heed of law-makers legislative initiatives. Here is the story of three new laws set to pick the pocket of an ordinary Ukrainians

14 Jul, 2021 13:19
Verkhovna Rada passes the law on The High Council of Justice

The legislation No.5068 got a go-ahead  by 259 votes  bringing updates for election (appointment) of High Court of Justice  (HCJ) members and activities of disciplinary inspectors ...

28 Jun, 2021 21:58
Ukraine’s president signs ‘Google tax’ law

Earlier this month, the law introducing taxes on providers of  'electronic services' won support of the Verkhovna Rada.