nuclear weapons

5 Dec, 2022 19:47
Russia marks Budapest memorandum anniversary with massive missile attack, – defense minister

Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksii Reznikov noted on Twitter that today is the 28th anniversary of the Budapest memorandum. On this day in 1994, Ukraine signed the agreement to giv ...

5 Dec, 2022 14:51
Withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Russia during the collapse of the USSR was considered unrealistic, – historian Serhii Plokhii

‘Bukvy’ spoke with History professor Serhii Plokhii, one of the leading researchers of Eastern Europe, the author of famous books and the director of the Ukrainian Research Institu ...

28 Jul, 2021 22:40
We could blackmail the whole world – Zelensky’s party MP on Ukraine’s lost nuclear status

'Servant of the People' MP David Arakhamia says that Ukraine could blackmail the whole world if the country kept its nuclear weapons in 1990s.