offshore companies

7 Dec, 2021 19:58
Ukrainian minister can be linked to offshore company, – media reports

Offshore leak database linked Oleksandr Kubrakov to the offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

26 Oct, 2021 22:22
Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Agency finds no violations in Zelensky’s tax statement

The National Corruption Prevention Agency said it found no violations in Zelensky’s tax declaration.

14 Oct, 2021 09:00
SBU officer interfered with ‘Slidstvo.Info’ film about Zelensky offshores, media report

‘Slidstvo.Info’ reporters named the SBU official who allegedly interfered with the public showing of ‘Offshore 95’ documentary.

11 Oct, 2021 15:38
Pandora Papers: Zelensky dodges information requests from world media, says watchog study

President’s office ignores information requests from world media concerning the companies mentioned in the documentary ‘Offshore 95: secrets of president Zelensky’s business’.

10 Oct, 2021 19:23
Pandora Papers: Activists rally at Zelensky’s residence in upscale Koncha-Zaspa

Hundreds of activists gathered near Zelensky’s house amid heavy security presence.