Oleksii Arestovych

30 Nov, 2021 15:05
Journalist who confronted Zelensky at his press conference fears for his life after online threats

Censor.Net journalist said he is scared for his life after the latest claims that came from the political consultant with links to Zelensky administration.

29 Nov, 2021 15:55
‘He won’t last long’, Zelensky’s political consultant says Yuriy Butusov needs state protection

Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov can be turned into a ‘sacred sacrifice’ and a 'new Gongadze', warns political consultant for Zelensky administration. 

18 Jul, 2021 18:59
Ukraine will turn East if West puts pressure

Oleksii Arestovych, a spokesperson of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG), says that if pro-Russian sentiment in Europe intensifies, Ukraine will reorient its interests to the East.

5 Jul, 2021 18:39
Has the ‘duel’ between Arestovych and Nezhynskyi Hurok been canceled forever? Trilateral Contact Group spokesperson’s comment

Yermak’s adviser and spokesperson of the Trilateral Contact Group Oleksii Arestovych clashed on social networks with Internet troll Nezhynskyi Hurok (‘Nizhyn Cucumber’), after which he called the latter for a ‘conversation’. The ‘conversation’, however, has not happened and is not planned in the near future.