Oleksiy Danylov

2 Nov, 2021 14:24
‘Conscious disinformation’, Ukraine top official dismisses media reports of Russian military build-at border

State security council Oleksiy Danylov calls out 'Washington Post' and 'Politico' over claims of new escalation at the Ukrainian border.

17 Oct, 2021 14:30
Ukraine’s Security Council sanctioned several people ‘by mistake’, admits Council secretary

National Security and Defence Council plans to reconsider its sanctions against 9 people earlier branded as 'leaders of organized criminal and contraband groups'.

12 Jul, 2021 21:29
‘Considering processes’, Ukraine’s top official admits seeking ways to block critics on Facebook

Security and Defence Council seeks ways to counter criticism of Ukraine’s government on social media,  admits Oleksiy Danylov

15 May, 2021 11:53
Medvedchuk could be ‘gladly’ swapped for Ukrainian prisoners in Russia, says Security Council Secretary

Ukraine could consider making Viktor Medvedchuk part of prisoner exchange with Russia on Ukrainian prisoners, says Security and Defence Council Secretary.

11 May, 2021 14:28
New law on oligarchs to list 13 persons, says Security and Defence Council Secretary

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of National Security and Defence Council, says a new law is in the works aiming to curb economic and political  influence of 13 Ukrainian oligarchs.