5 Jan, 2022 10:52
Arrest of Ukrainian theatrical director Yevhen Lavrecnhuk in Italy. What we know so far

‘Bukvy’ looked into the case to find out what prompted this arrest and how Ukrainian officials react.

4 Jan, 2022 23:13
Ukrainian theater director arrested in Italy, ombudsperson reacts

Russia is seeking the extradition from Italy of Ukrainian theater director Yevhen Lavrenchuk, who was arrested on December 17 by Italian police.

8 Dec, 2021 12:59
30 Ukrainian women still held captive in occupied Donbas, – Ukraine’s ombudsperson

Ukrainian ombudsperson Liudmyla Denisova states 30 women are being illegally held in prisons in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

12 Nov, 2021 11:29
Lawyer defending Crimean Tatar dissidents arrested in Crimea

The lawyer defending Crimean Tatar activists was taken in custody on misdemeanor obstruction charges.

15 Oct, 2021 12:52
Ukrainian citizen illegally sentenced in Crimea

Ukrainian citizen Kostiantyn Shyring was sentenced to 12 years in prison for ‘espionage’ in the occupied Crimea.

21 Jul, 2021 01:04
Russian Federation deploys more than 20,000 military in Crimea

The aggressor continues to increase its military presence in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.